Friday, April 13, 2012

Waking up in Chitwan National Park

When I woke up, I tuned into all the different sounds-various sounds of bugs, birds, goats, roosters, and elephants.  After my peaceful, peaceful sleep, I had an intuitive feeling that I wanted to stay in this place for some quality time. 

I met the nice, Nepalese family Sudhan, his two sons, wife, brother, and the random two Nepalese guys that hang around like two lost puppy dogs.  Actually, they help out with tourism and they help watch over things.  One of these lost puppy dog’s name is B and he turns out to be my  favorite person of all.  He wears these old aviator sunglasses, faded jeans, and the same blue shirt every time I see him.  He is soft spoken with broken English, but better than most.  It is his sweet kind nature and sense of humor that makes me just adore him.  B is around age 50 or so, never been married, and pretty much is a bachelor for the life.  He just walks around the property back and forth.  Sometimes he goes for bike rides and many times he is just sitting peacefully underneath the tree.  

Sudhan is also very kind enlightening me on the Buddha’s teachings and the old city of Lumbini where the Buddha was born. While we are talking his little three year old boy is softly holding onto his leg. 

When I take a walk outside the property, I see green lily ponds and huts filled with goats, ducks, and cows. Small children running down the dirt paths and women cleaning clothes or caring for the cows and goats.  In the town area, there are donkeys and goats carting people around, elephants giving rides, and occasional camels. Everyone greets you saying, “Namaste.” In between the huts, there are small shops to buy fruits, milk, water, and snacks.  I am back in the village and I am very happy to be back=) 

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