Sunday, April 15, 2012

Would you like some Dal bhat or Dal bhat?

The main food dish of Nepal is Dal bhat: Dal bhat consists of dhal, garlic, ginger pureed into a broth form.  It is served with rice and chapati. Also, it is served with greens, boiled potatoes/cauliflower, and another type of Tharu stir fried potatoes.  I have been eating it every day because that is what everyone eats-every day Dal bhat. Noone complains rather they just eat and enjoy it.   It does have all the vitamins and nutrients you need for probably a day.  And the last couple times have been really good, but it gets a bit boring.   

Last night, we had a cooking session where I learned how to make it and just like Indian food-it takes a very long time to make, but this time might have been extended because we were cooking for ten people.  I was back in the kitchen with my guy friends cutting, peeling, stir frying, and blending.  It was quite fun, but after two hours I was ready to eat. 
Went back to my hotel today for lunch and they were cooking the same exact thing-it felt like deja vu except this time I met some new friends(hotel owners other couple who own a local resort). 

So basically meals are "Same, same but different"
"Same, same food, but different people."

If you do not like Dal bhat, you can find some western and local Indian dishes, but I can not guarantee how good they are especially since Nepalis are used to just cooking their own food, especially in the mountain hill areas. 
I guess it will be Dal bhat for the month or so

                                 Bon Appetit!

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