Friday, April 6, 2012

Highlights from Rishikesh

The holy city of Rishikesh was a time of yoga, meditation, spiritual transactions, reading, writing, temple visits, waterfalls, trekking, and the rafting.  I am not going to do a play by play of my experience because a lot of it was a holy, spiritual experiences that I would like to keep to myself.
Here are some highlights of  some people, places, and things:
The Havan Ceremony

Everyone sits on the calm waters of the Ganges, the sun is setting, more and more people gather around.  People are sitting around three fire pits at the bottom right on top of the water.  A red carpet awaits the swami to come walk down the stairs.

When he first begins to walk down the stairs, my eyes are immediately drawn towards his skin, his hands of youth, his skin glowing and a look into his eyes of wisdom- a few seconds our eyes meet and I just stare deep into his eyes.  He turns away and I turn back towards him again.   

A girl dancing in front of the statue, followers with such dedication and love in a state of Ecstasy with the music and their higher power.
The ceremony consisted of fire lighting and religious ceremonies of singing, chanting, and hearing the Swami lecture.  The spiritual energy that is present and witnessing the devotion and love for God- beautiful.

Meeting The Italian De Roma

Dressed in immaculate white with a white sun hat and dark brown sandals on a mini scooter was a nice man from Italy.  I asked him where I could find the Shiva bookstore and we ended up skipping the book store and going to the waterfalls.  We had a nice, meditation in front of the falls and shared our spiritual views.  He does not believe in “faith” and a part of my core involves “faith.” He does not believe in a God rather he discusses the power of our own mind and conscious to reach a “Supreme reality.” Mr. Italy is not a believer of religion, but he is a firm believer of meditation.  He has been engaging in meditation for the past twenty years and found his guru (who is a spirit without his physical body) in the caves of the Himalayas. It is interesting listening to his spiritual view that is quite different from mine, but I appreciate learning about his perspective (his spiritual lens of life-PRIS). I enjoy watching him speak with his hands (I love this mannerism from my fellow Italians).  Mr.  Italy confirms again-the Power of the Mind

Meeting with Mahaharaja of Transcendental Meditation

He is dressed in all white with a long white beard and he is not Indian, but German.  His philosophy and knowledge of psychology triggers us to discuss how the US needs meditation.  The power of the consciousness is again the power of the mind.  This maharaja speaks with me about Yogic flying and his many experiences where he has flown off the ground for seconds to even a minute.  I am connected to his spiritual being, as I feel it from my higher power, which makes me extra engaged in our meeting. 

In Iowa, there is a university for studying transcendental meditation.  At first, it seems I think it is a bit brainwashing, but I begin to believe in it’s powerful effects.  It made me realize again the POWER OF THE MIND.
After I feel our connection, I want to take the course to learn trancedental meditation.  I am excited about learning from my wise master with 40 plus years of experience who has met Maharaja, but he breaks the news that I have to be taught by a woman and the woman teacher is American and around my age-no thanks.  We run into each other a couple times after and I apprecite his kin, respectful nature.   

The Compassionate Sadhu

My adorable friend I often run into on the local street near the Ganga. Usually, the “sadhus” and “babas” on the street are not wise to speak with, but he is a definite exception.  He is always carrying around his big white book-of which I forgot the name.  He always sits in the same place eating his meals and appearing very calm.  I only sat down with him one time for some brief meditation, but I wish I spent more time with his kind spirit.   He says that “All we need is compassion.”  He exhibits true compassion towards me and others around him. 

The Beatles Ashram

The Beatles stayed in Rishikesh back in the 1960s.  It is now an abandoned ashram that is open for tours.  Outside the ashrams, there are many shacks where the babas sleep. 

Motor Biking it Full Power to Waterfalls and Shiva temple-special pooja

Amazing yoga sessions with out of body experiences

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