Friday, April 6, 2012

Priscilla Misses Easter

Traveling around you lose track of what time it is, what day it is, and the actual date is a big question mark.  I knew it was the beginning of April yet I did not think of Easter.  What kind of Christian am I to forget such an important day?
Being in India, Easter is not like Diwali or Holi and in Delhi, there were no signs of Easter until the end of the day.  The end of the day I went  to the Wagners “famous” bakery and I saw Easter cakes.  I stared at the cakes saying, “Oh no” and placed my hand over my mouth in disbelief.  I realized it was Easter at a bakery at the end of the day.  I felt horrible.  Going to church on Easter is so important to me. Not to mention, there are a few big churches in Delhi.  Priscilla drops the ball big time on this one.  It is not like I missed a bus or a city sight- I missed Easter for my higher power. 

I did go into three temples between Easter and Good Friday-one Siek, one Jain, and one Hindu praying meditating the usual.  If there is only one God then perhaps I will be forgiven.   It is like missing a friends birthday.

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