Friday, April 6, 2012

Documetary on the Real Rishikesh

Filmed right in front of the tourist ashram, my new friend from Mumbai films a documentary about the real rishikesh. Past the beautiful holy city, there is a significant amount of poverty and lack of education.  When I first arrived in Rishikesh, I did a double take looking around me in confusion.  Away from the ganges river, there is a run down, poor city.  Even in the main area, there are many “baba beggars” asking for money camped out in front of the ashrams or or on the stairs and platforms above the Gangas river.  I am happy my new friend is shooting this documentary to spread awareness for the tourists coming. 

Many cities in India focus on keeping the tourists away from the real India and make sure to keep the tourist areas clean.  With the amount of tourists that come to ashrams, they have the power to make a difference. 
"Come together...."

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