Friday, April 13, 2012

Tharu Cultural Dance Show

Tharu is a type of dance performed by the Tharu people. It is a variety of dance moves that involve tapping wooden sticks together and using a peacock feather in repetitive movements bouncing their bodies up and down, swinging their arms, and kicking up their legs high.  
It is always nice for me to see people connected with their cultural identity.  It makes me feel complete seeing people’s spirits alive and sharing their culture with others.  Giving people a glimpse of their rituals, their music, and style of dancing-beautiful.  They invited people up from the audience and this made me even happier.  Tourists engaging in new cultural activities-real learning going on.  These two American girls were so sweet putting such effort into learning the specific dance moves.  A Japanese lady, an Australian man with his baby-all up and dancing- I did not dance, but I just sat and observed-this makes me just as happy as participation many times. 

After the show, I stopped by to meet with my chef friend and his other Nepalese friends where we had our own dance session.  He did not have the feather, but we did manage to get some sticks.  Throwing the stick up into the air, it came down and landed on someone’s head ha! I was pulling out some serious ninja moves and everyone was laughing hysterically.  People were laughing, but I was being serious, “Punjabi Full Power.” Ha! The tharu dancing is actually quite an easy dance to learn and the moves make you really move the body-I like, I like.

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