Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Most Boring Jeep Safari Ever

Most of the time one would not hear "boring" with "safari," but it happens to be the case on mine.  Not engaging in group tours by choice and to also save money, I really was not sold about going on the jeep safari.  Everyone says you see more on the jungle walks, but I wanted to go along with the groups of tourists for a change. Talking with many locals about safaris presently and in the past, I understand that they are just a game of luck.  You may see a tiger and you may not.  You may see a rhino and you may not-no guarantee of any wild animals. 

Still undecided for a couple days, I decided to "just do it" as my friend Prakem, from my hotel was the tour guide and we get along very well so I thought it would be fun-key word “thought.”   Rarely do I enjoy myself like I would if I was taking my own “sideways, local, off track” route. 

The jeep consisted of a boring Nepalese couple, a nice mother and daughter from Australia, a couple from Germany, and Priscilla.  Word of advice: If you are going on a safari-go with exciting people who have personality, especially the guide with an extroverted, fun, humorous personality.  Also, this is where a group of friends would come in handy.

During this extremely bumpy ride, I was interchanging between sitting, standing on the seat, and to make things interesting I stood on the back of the jeep with Prakem.  On our bumpy ride through the grassland, we saw three types of deer, monkeys, wild chickens, crocodiles (at a farm area), and a bunch of peacocks(one dancing). 

Being disappointed with not seeing any rhinos, I just sat in silence.  Silence is so powerful and so beautiful.  During my time, I thought about taking a vow of silence.  Swami Rama did for eleven months-granted he was inside a cave away from the external world. But I sat and thought about how beautiful silence is, especially among nature.  Hearing the various sounds of birds and insects-hours could pass by and one can hear many sounds. 

On the way back, I was meditating as I was so uncomfortable and bored. Meditation on a jeep safari?  A jeep safari is suppose to be fun and exciting. The Australian girls were nice to talk with, but that wore off after ten or so minutes.  My friend who I thought I could talk to was talking Nepalese with the couple the WHOLE time giving little information on the park and what we were seeing.  The German lady looked just as bored as I was so I do not feel so bad afterall.  I can officially say that I have done a Jeep safari, but the only safari I ever go on again will be in Africa in a hummer or a really nice Jeep that does not injure my body. 

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