Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paradise Pokhara

Nepal is home to eight of the tallest mountains in the world and Paradise Pokhara is the starting point for many of these amazing treks.  What makes this place paradise?
The lakes, the mountains, the boat rides, the town area, the great live music venues(so nice to hear some good live music for a change), the teas, speciality homemade crafts, especially wool scarfs, sweaters, and bags.  

When arriving, I look at a few guesthouses, but decide to keep looking.  On the street, I am approached by a man selling fresh chocolate croissants and apple danishes-the german bakeries are back.  I buy one chocolate croissant and enjoy a masala tea- a treat for my circus experience. 

 I get better acquainted with the area by taking a walk through, getting information about trekking/permits, engaging in a free meditation session for an hour, seeing the lake, and visiting the book stores-finding my favorite book store in town-Fewa Book Store. My nice friend from the book store lets me keep my bag there for sometime as I explore the city. 

The hotel is flooded with so many hotels and guesthouses, but the one in particular I could not find- Pushkar Guesthouse specifically because I heard such good things about it and because the name-Pushkar is where my Guru lives.  It was located on the main street in town and people kept giving me the location and I never found it. I found a very nice home stay, but the rooms were unfinished and there was no electricity.  I was not searching for a room and was not worried about it. I knew something would come into place and it did….

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