Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Volunteering Country to Country with Difficulty Going on to the Next....

My goal on this trip and in life is to be of service to others.
I have been volunteering for 10 years and working in social service for 5 years.  Since a young child, I have always had thoughts of going to India and giving my full self to the people.  I have done my fair share of engaging in superficial things that do not matter and rather it is important to extend my being and heart to the fullest. Working in social service is great, but I can always do more and that more comes in internationally. 
I am not by any means Mother Teresa, but I aspire to be someone like her by helping, educating, and inspiring others whether through a volunteer duty, a daily interaction, or a simple smile.  Her story and way of living is inspiring and helps remind me of how beautiful a person can really be, especially when connected with their higher power.
A Thai buddy from the flood had a shirt that said The Beauty of Giving.  There is unbeliavable beauty to giving and a sense of satisfaction in doing good.  Thanks to my mother for her spirt and love for people and my father(a doctor) who constantly helped others and had various initiatives and proposals to improve poverty in India while having a sense of humor and amazing heart.
It has been difficult going from one place to the next and not staying.  My volunteering in Bangkok could have went until the end of the year or until the flood ended and I feel a sense of loss and regret for not staying and continuing on the project.  In Laos, volunteering at the Sunshine school was available daily and a couple projects were in the works.  In Cambodia, Angkor Children's hospital always needs volunteers and would love to stay on. 
Priscilla can only be one place at one time and these decisions to stay and go are difficult.  Along with writing in my head all day long and not being able to keep up with it. 
Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself     to  it. ~Buddha

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