Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Luang Prabang

After doing some www.travelfish.org research on volunteering and things to do I went off to rent a bicycle.  I rented a bike for $1 USD and went off happily to explore the village.   I was amazed at the beauty I saw in such poor conditions.  The kids were so cute as I stopped to dance with them and took some fun video.  The kids were also coming out of school leaving on their motor bikes.  It always amazes me how many people they can fit on a motor bike-the most I have seen is 6 people on one bike with the baby on the motorbike handle bars. 
The next destination was Phom Soi temple for sunset.  You go up the stairs with many Buddha statues and temples to arrive at a beautiful peak to watch the sunset.  Here it is:

After you leave the temple, the night market is all set up and the path leads you right into the night market(a very smart tourist trap idea).  Families are selling beautiful  crafts and kids look right into your eyes making you feel bad for not buying.  I find a guy painting mini painting on canvas and I buy one for $1 USD.  He is so polite and lovely and I wish I could buy the big Elephant canvas painting from him, but I stay disciplined with my spending.  All these collectible items are beautiful when you have a home, they do not make sense when you plan on infinitely traveling and moving around. 

I am excited about finding the vegetarian buffet. I stop and have these amazing coconut balls and then walk through to the vegetarian buffett with many vegetable platters, tofu, and noode/rice platters.  My wifey would love it! For 25,000($3 usd) you can get a fresh fish with the buffet.  A real fish with the eyes and everything.  I like these fish because they are fresh, but picking out the bones is a bit tideous. 

After that I am persuaded to buy an Oreo shake from an adorable kid.  Oreos and kids (two of my favorite things) so I buy one for $1.00.  He is so happy making it and I tell him what a great job he does making shakes-so cute.  After all this eating I go for a run and enjoy the cool night, breeze.  When I stopped to do my jumping in place, a group of boys came by and were imitating me jumping.  They started kicking and I started jump kicking to be cool and fit in with them ha! The one kid was pulling out all sorts of Kung fu karate moves that blew my little jump kicks out the park-precious!

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