Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Border Crossing Thailand to Laos

Luang Prabang
Arriving in Chiang Kong, we filled out our departure papers to leave Thailand. I guess you are suppose to hold onto your departure slip(as some girl from the Netherlands reminded me).  It was definitely a Freudian slip on my part as I really did not want to leave Thailand, but had to keep moving.  I told the customs officer I don’t want to leave and he said, “Aww you can come back in three days.”

Off on the boat we went to Huay Xai, which is the city you would stay over in normally if you took the boat.  I have read on some blogs that “It is a hole in the wall” city. As expected, I thought the whole in the wall was charming and cute and thought staying overnight would not have been bad at all. 

I find that it is difficult to listen to others, especially when you try to appreciate and find the good in everything when traveling. I do not call places “Hole in the walls” because those “Hole in the walls” are full of real people with homes and hearts.  It may not be the “best” of your travels, but that does not make it a hole in the wall.  People will not be happy traveling if they do not learn to appreciate the hidden treasures or simple things that are good about it.  Another girl I met was the same where she had something bad to say about everywhere she went, which those kinds of people take a different perspective on their traveling and while I appreciate their opinion, I choose to experience it on my own.  

Switching onto the VIP bus off to Luang Prabang, I was stuck with a group of annoying Americans behind me complaining about the bus and the road.  The roads in Laos are the worst so the constant swerves of the road were pretty bad, but keep your complaining to yourself or even write about it.  Overtime, my complaining continues to improve ,especially when I am alone-I just keep quiet and keep to myself.

We arrive at the bus station at 6 am and the sun is shining.  We hop on a tuk tuk into the city and it is the perfect time for sunrise.  Throughout my bus ride, I have been chatting with a nice girl from Switzerland who is studying abroad.  She looks just like my cousin, Laura, pretty and adorably cute.  She is heading to Laos for vacation before she goes to Bangkok to study for a semester.   As we pass through the streets, we see the Monks coming out for food.  At 6am, monks come out and are given food.  It is a very special moment I enjoyed viewing on and off the Tuk tuk. 

I headed around town looking for a guesthouse. Of course I wanted something quit and away from the tourists and found the perfect spot.  Female dormitory shared with two nice Thai girls for $30,000 per night, which is $3.50 per night.  The husband and wife are the owners and their daughter and son help run the guest house-right on the river and right in the center of town near everything.

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