Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bangkok Art Galleries

Who would have thought that there is such an explosion of art in Bangkok? Due to the floods, there were limited galleries open and things were closing early.  I went through Siam Square where the flood was actually planned to come that day at 7:30pm! As a tourist, it was difficult to go around and explore because of the flood.  I explored a few galleries and my favorite was the Bangkok Art Center.  The various portraits demonstrated the same thing I saw at the Red Cross- “unity.” In crisis, Thai people unite, in love-they unite, in spirit-they unite, in happiness-they unite. 
The Sufficiency Philosophy

The sufficiency philosophy is reflected in simple lifestyles, especially of rural Thais in the pursuit of happiness.   I call it the “Simplicity of Happiness”(PRIS).  People are living a simply yet happily.  Materialistic goods are minimally utilized and not used in excess.  There is focus on cultural values: religion, family, warm/healthy relationships, and interpersonal interactions.   I will later compare the specific family traits(WILL RETURN LATER).

Buddism principles were present in the art work- “Work is a wisdom treasure for Thai people.”  From a religious perspective, this makes sense as they work so hard whether in a hotel, making food, making a floral arrangement, sewing a pair of pants, or driving around a Tuk Tuk.  Components of work include: “mindfulness, perservearance, and sharp wisdom. “
                                        “A land of happiness, wealth, and prosperity.”

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