Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Foot

When I was in the hospital in Chiang Mai getting my Rabies vaccine, I had to wait a little longer than usual in the waiting room.  It happened to be in the evening and I forgot the appointment sheet I was suppose to bring.  Sitting in the ER, you see many things that make you thank your higher power for being ALIVE -a man with a gun shot wound to his face, a woman with possible cancer vomiting excessively, the pain in a young girl’s face when being given her shot,  a 10 year old  in a wheel chair, and the man with the big feet.
This man was something I have seen in a text book or online.  I do not know what kind of illness/disease he had, but his feet and legs were excessively inflated(5-6 times the size of an average foot) with a green/yellowish color.   I had never seen anything like it and I just could not stop looking at it.  He was a white guy probably in his early to mid thirties and he looked like he was in such pain.  I just broke down and started crying and the nurse was comforting me.   I could not imagine having something like that and would never wish that upon anyone. This poor man must experience such pain and discomfort and who knows if it is a deadly illness?  He looked like he was just a traveler, like me, but who knows he could be living in Thailand.  Everyone just kept looking at him as they were trying to get him out of the bed to take him in a van to another location. 
A moment where I am thankful for being ALIVE.
I hope this man gets better and my thoughts and prayers are with him. 


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