Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween in Hong Kong

Back to Sunny's place I go to get ready for Halloween in Hong Kong=) It was a tough call because I had to leave our three's company clique to go meet Sunny and her friend's in a different area of town.  My plan was to hang out with Sunny and her friends and then meet up with my other crew later and it was a success! Sunny and her Fiddish friend and her other friend, Audrey, were all dressed up as disco queens and I was Pochahontas.  Here we are starting the night off at house party.
Sunny and PRIS=)
Headed to Lan Kwai Fong, which is the ultimate place to be on Hallloween.  Most of the streets are one way because there are so many people in the area.  The streets are filled with interesting costumes and people drinking with cops not even caring.  It is an awesome scene. Stay tuned for Picasa links with more photos of the costumes!

Went to Play(a super crowded club with a lot of Chinese locals)-stopped in for about 10 minutes and bounced out to the next bar- Solas.  We met Sonny's Serbian boy and his Serbian friend.  His friend was nice, but trying too hard to make conversation.  Conversation between him and Priscilla.
"So you are a social worker?"
"Yes I am interested in international social work."
"So that would entail what? Like going to Africa and putting food into poor kids stomachs."
" I am sorry I do not know how to respond to something so ignorant."
He was a bit upset with my comment and very apologetic.  He clarified by saying, "Well I mean you want to make change not just go volunteer." And I just shook my head "Yes." Over this conversation, lets go meet my crew because I miss them and want to spend time with them before my departure tomorrow-Sunday

Reunited and it feels so good! 
Warning: Love Birds Below=)

We ended the night at this awesome live music spot with songs from the 80s, 90s, and today. We danced are butts off for about 3 hours! And for those of you who think I drink a lot- FALSE. I had one glass of champagne my whole trip. When you have energy and passion for life and BEING ALIVE you do not need alcohol or substances to enhance your feeling. I was not ready to part from my new friends, but off I went to sleep for an hour and then cetch my plane to Bangkok. 

Happy Halloween! Bye bye Hong Kong
(Still learning how to blog as I did not intend to make a jumbo size photo of myself!lol)

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