Monday, November 21, 2011

Thai Celebrity

Thai Celebrities Visit the Red Cross

As I was at the Red Cross talking with one of my favorite people, Naan-she introduced me to a couple Thai celebrities and took some pictures of me.  Naan works for the Red Cross and she is someone I consistently saw and talked with everyday-I adore her! She has the cutest, chubbiest little boy that is a little chunk of love=)

So getting back to the celebrities- they were actors/singers on famous Thai shows.  The one guy, Jason, was pretty cute. Here we are:

We sat and talked about LA and his life in Thailand.  Naan was taking pictures of me lifting and showing them to me. He was glancing over at them and smiling.  When I told him I was volunteering, he just said, “Aww that is a nice thing to do.” He was cute, but I felt no connection with him at all as he reminded me of some actors I dated in Los Angeles-just dull and not much substance.  

The truck came in and I asked if he was ready to lift. He said, “Yes, lets do it.” I get into my favorite spot right in front of the truck nearby  as ten people sit on the floor and you wait for them to finish.  It is a busy spot with lots of action-just the spot for PRIS.  The line starts moving quickly and I am working just as efficiently as I usually do-not trying to show off in front of him-just working at the same rate as usual.  The other celebrity was also working in our area and he was smiling and having fun with people taking pictures.   I look over at Jason and he looks tired with all the boxes coming up his way.  I look in the corner of my eye and I see him looking at me lifting.  The truck gets filled up and we all start clapping (as we do after each truck is filled).  I smile and chat with some new Thai friends around me and I turn around and Jason has disappeared.  After that truck, I never saw him again.  Looks like the celebrity made his appearance and then made his exit.  And I probably scared him away with my heavy lifting.  Too bad he could not hang for a bit longer because it was nice talking/looking at him ha!

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