Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Donating Blood at Lao Red Cross

I found my destination of The Lao Red Cross where I wanted to stop and donate blood.  The little Laoatian nurses were so sweet, especially one named Pan.  She kept patting my shoulder and asking if I was okay. 
Like a little kid, I always enjoy the little juice boxes you get when donating.   I love the apple juice and animal crackers you get in the US.  In Lao, they give you a strawberry yogurt drink with a sponge cake.   They laid me down on a comfortable bed and three of them stood around me while I gave blood.  They kept smiling at me and made me feel so appreciated.  I asked if any tourists come in here to donate and they said, “No.” It is quite unfortunate because Laos is in need of blood donors.  I guess everywhere kind of is.  I received a cute little shirt for donating and a “Khop Jai” Thank you and off I went with my next move to be volunteering with school kids to teach English for a few hours. 

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