Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How much money??


I went to exchange my $100 travelers check to get Laos currency.  The Laos currency is $8,000 kip per $1 US dollar.  So I received 800,000 kip for $100. It is not like things cost 1000 kip. Everything is 10,000 or above and they are very aware of the exchange rate, but it is amazing how far the US dollar can take you.  Things in Laos are more expensive than Thailand about $1-$2.00 per dish of food.  $1 for a can of soda $1.50 for a baguette, $3-$54 for an authentic Lao meal. 
This seems cheap, but when you are traveling in Southeast asia and you start off paying less, you try to stay in that same bracket. This will be explained later in another post. 

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