Tuesday, November 29, 2011

These legs are made for Walking

There is the song, “These boots are made for walking.” Well, "These legs are made for walking."   I am so thankful to be healthy and be able to be athletically fit to walk, run, hike and participate in many outdoor/sports activities.  I worked with children who may never walk in their life, who have severe cases of mental retardation preventing them from physical activity, or those sick and bed ridden.  
I have read a few books on heaven and a couple of my favorites are "90 minues and Heaven" and "God said Yes."  In both books, both individuals were in car accidents having to endure unbelievable amounts of pain and undergo numerous surgeries. Could you imagine having over 100 surgeries and still not being able to walk? Or having to urinate in a plastic bag for life? Or being 17 years old and have to be physically assisted from place to place? It is tough to imagine, but we can help them by utilizing the gifts we have been given.

When I was living in Astoria Queens New York, I saw a lady walk in front of my building in a wheel chair.  She looked deep into my eyes and connected with God's spirit within me.  I had been running and biking all summer, but was not sure about training for the half marathon.  At that moment, I decided I was going to run for that girl and I did run for her.  She was in my thoughts during the pouring rain and kept me going until the end.  Running and walking for causes is one of my favorite hobbies now and it feels good walking for those who can not. 
Next time, you think I am going to take the car or take a taxi-try walking.  Walk for your health, walk to explore a city, or walk to change your routine/schedule.  We were given two beautiful, healthy legs so lets use them!

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