Thursday, November 24, 2011

When Dogs Attack!

Watching the sunset go down through the hills and riding the bike, I was perfectly content like a little ten year old. I had some delicious curry dishes and had a delicious smoothie.  I had met a street vendor from Bangladesh and we were chatting about India as he was flipping roti and topping it with butter and sugar.  I was a bit distracted by him flipping those things because I wanted one ha! 
Heading back I have weird directions since I am headed to a house with no address! I have directions to make a left at the university, a right at the billboard with a King and Queen, and then left, left, right up the hill.  I was kind of in a hurry because it was 6:30 and I was suppose to meet my host at home to back to the Loi Kratong festival.  Up I went past the King and Queen, then left, then left, and then into a dead end in a backyard.

  In a quick second as I pull my bike in the dog runs up, barking loudly, and takes a bite out of my ankle! I peddle out of there quickly and head down to the 711. Looking at the bite marks, it looks like a couple mosquito bites-nothing major.  But for Priscilla, a dog biting me is germs and possible rabies.  My host comes down and drives me back up to the house.  The turn was left and right! I was joking that left, left, left dog-dog-dog.  The broken English and small words are quite humorous I must say, but the dog bite-not so funny.

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