Thursday, November 24, 2011

Karaoke in the Woods of a Small Village

Riding my bike I decided to go wonder off into the woods to check out some birds and followed the path up the hill into some more huts and villages with locals.  A man was painting the side of the building in Thai scripture.  A group of women were sitting in the grass drinking a bunch of red bull? And while I was hopping around on an old wooden bridge, I was listening to an adorable voice singing karaoke.  I went down the hill and found a 20 something year old Thai boy singing karaoke in front of the office.   I approached him and he got so excited and said, “You sing, you sing.”  So I did sing with him.  I started humming random sounds and words along with his singing.  The people in the office were entertained and so were the women drinking red bull.  I heart him! Here is a pic and eventually will post video when I figure out how to post without it taking an hour to upload.

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