Monday, November 21, 2011

Why do we travel?

Traveling is a huge part of my identity and soul-it makes me learn about new cultures, think differently, challenge myself to explore, and continue the life long journey to improving my sense of self. This brings me to the number one reason for travel.
  1. To learn about ourselves in a brand new way
    Self-improvement is a life-long affair and I must say it is difficult, but one reaps the rewards throughout their lifetime. When you travel, you learn about your behavioral patterns through interaction. How are you relating with others? Are you making active attempts to engage with others? If not what is preventing you from doing so? Are you asking questions and being assertive or are you just agreeing with what you are told? How would you rate the quality of your interactions on a 1-10 scale? 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. When you can learn to modify your own behavior, it is powerful and especially empowering.  Being able to psycho-analyze your decisions, actions, behavior, feelings, and coping in such a specific way can be a bit intimidating, but also very enlightening. 
          The relationships we have with ourselves are the most meaningful and significant of all

2.  Art
Having many interests, art history is definitely one of them and I would love to obtain a Masters Degree in Art history. Art is a beautiful representation of history frozen in time with various angles of interpretations. In every great city, comes an even greater museum. Art and museums/exhibits are a number one must see when traveling. When I went to Europe, I recall the running joke where my friends would see how many minutes I would last with the group as I always spent extra time(hours) in museums exploring them inside and out. I read every description and try my best to visualize myself in that time or as I like to say "having the art sit with you rather than just sitting in front of the art."Art may not be your favorite and may me actually be at the bottom of your list, but for myself and many travelers it is a number one sight to see.
    3. Churches, Temples, Religious Sites Churches are my sanctuaries and the top places I love to visit.  Religious sites can always lift you up when you are feeling down. 
          4. Outdoors- Parks, Hiking Trails, Biking
           National parks, waterfalls, caves, bike trails, walking trails, and just being outdoors
           among nature is special and it makes traveling worth it!
    5. Markets and Street Vendors
    You can always manage to find something you do not need at a market, but you can also manage to find something new, unique, and a delicious food.  Markets are a great representation of the culture of a city and how people work or live on a day to day basis. 
          6. People
              People make my world go round.  Observing them and talking with locals is one of my favorite things to do.  It is a number one reason for traveling and learning

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