Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cooking and Painting with My Bangkok Host

Thai cooking has always been a bit intimidating for me. Well, cooking in general has been intimidating, but I have learned to love cooking.  My host cooks a lot of different stuff and is also learning Thai style cooking so we decided to cook our own Pad Thai-very successful and simple!  Some of my favorite moments were cooking Thai food in the kitchen=)

After my day of inspiration, I decided to do some painting of my own. Here is my happy Thailand creation. 

Molly did a portrait of me and here is the finishing product- amazing right?

Listening to classical music and painting is one of my favorite things to do-something that I do not do enough. But had a lovely time with Molly painting, listening to classical music, eating Apricot cheese and pear and ginger tea on my last night in Bangkok. 

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