Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bollywood girl with a Heart beat

Her heart skips a beat when she thinks of him. 
Signs and sights of the city take her heart and soul to that special place
Like a ghost, he mysteriously appears when she least expects it
He does not speak, but gazes into her lost eyes
Reaching out to him, but he is gone-vanished into thin air
She wonders if their hearts beat together across the miles and miles of distance
Is the absence creating longing or a distant memory
Perhaps she is perfectly lonely and perhaps she can live without him
But beautiful memories fill her mind before sleep and she wonders

What if she did not have to dream
And this ghost became a reality of her life
Would she be a fool in love or a lover following her heart
One day her heart may beat just as fast for another kindred spirit
And the ghost will let her just be as life and love move on


Ghost by JES

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