Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hong Kong Adventures Continue

                                                     October 28, 2011
Woke up and stopped by the market to get some fruit.  Welcomed in with smiles and Cantonese hellos Neih Hou. Never to early to be butchering a fish right? I missed the picture where the live fish fell on top of my foot twice. I wonder if that is good luck? I asked and instead of getting a response I just received smiles, which is okay with me of course. I do not expect people to know English. A.) It is difficult to learn B.) Some people get by just fine without it so let them live their lives peacefully and happily.

I stopped at another market for a French imported Chocolate croissant and I was off on my hike.  It was a surprise for me to read and hear about all the amazing hikes in Hong Kong. The hills are alive among the bustling city with countrysides, hills, and islands. Hikes are found on Hong Kong Island and it's nearby islands of Lantua, Lamma, Pen Chui, and
The hike was on Bowen road leading to Lovers Point. I was half running and half walking/lunging while the view kept getting better and better. The end of the hike.

 Always up for a challenge, I decided that one hike was not enough and I continued to go up to the Black Key area. The hill just kept going up and there were not any signs directing me, but I just kept walking up and stumbled upon a tower, which I climbed up and this view.
Moments like that make me want to keep hiking. It is one of the most peaceful places to write, reflect, and talk with your higher power. I ended up being in a wealthy area that reminded me of the Hollywood Hills. I made it to the bottom and ended up near Ocean Park, which is pretty far out, but I was very impressed with my journey.
Hopped on a bus and saw some adorable school girls chatting away

Stopped in Statute Square and met Johnny who has been a photographer in Hong Kong for over 20 years. He was so happy and proud of his pictures and we had a nice chat about the city and islands.

Chi Lin Nunnery
Chi Lin is a Buddhist temple, which includes a nunnery, Chinese gardens, temple halls, and a yummy vegetarian restaurant. It follows the style of Tang Dynasty traditional Chinese architecture.  Stopped to meet a friend, Vivienne, who was a wealth of knowledge of the history of the nunnery and Buddhism principles.
Living in New York, I went to IDP meditation groups and started to take an interest in Buddhism. On this trip, I plan to study Buddism and learn more about it's core principles. 

"The Buddha means the enlightened one who has realized the truth and is free from all afflictions.The right hand sign symbolizes the turning of the Karma wheel i.e. the Buddha's teachings. His left hand was the sign he made when he attained liberation involving freedom from fear and hatred"

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Wong Tai Sin is one of the most famous shrines in Hong Kong.  It is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin or the Great Immortal Wong. It is a Taoist temple and is famous for many prayers answered
"What you request is what you get"
Most of the visitors come to the temple in search for a spiritual answer via a practice called kau cim. They light incense sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until a stick falls out.  A man I spoke with said that it best to make wishes in three's for better luck.  He was lighting the incense stick in front of each different God.  May all his prayers be answered=)

Wan Chai Market
This market was filled with all kinds of fish, meats, produce, clothes, shoes, flowers, and all kinds of street food and Cantonese cuisine.  Here are a few interesting shots and people I met

This grumpy old man kept shouting in Cantonese. I waived and smiled big at him and he said "hello." So cute! A recorded video of him yelling and then smiling at me would be better. More videos Priscilla!!
Love this guy too!
You see a lot of this on the streets-difficult sight for the eyes of a semi-vegetarian. Everything contains pork or some kind of meat so I stuck to eating the dumplings and some vegetarian/seafood Cantonese dishes.

The sunset in HK and it was time for me to switch places and move with another couchsurfer, Ali.  I bid a temporary farewell to my beautiful Sunnee and quickly ran to Wan Chai station to meet Ali and his other guests he had staying with him-Sven, Johnny, Carla, and Alex. Ali carried my backpack as we ran through the station to get to KTV. Alex and I were chatting about our similarities and planned a hike for the next day. Ali and Carla are from Mexico, Alex from Puerto Rico, and Sven(such a character) is from Germany.  I guess you could say it was love at first sight with this four some Ali, Alex, Pris, and Carla-love you guys! 10:30am til 4 am we sang karaoke. Ali and Carla were rock stars singing their hearts out to all kinds of music. My favorite was watching them sing in German and a Russian song. 

Carla and Pris singing Evanescence

This guy was dancing like the biggest geek and we all loved it!

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