Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There is nothing better than exploring with a motor bike!

The motor bike is a great way to explore almost any country.  It lets you be independent and explore hidden treasures on your own.  You see the beauty right in front of you without a window.  It is just you and the road with no one else ruining your experience, like annoying tourists.  You get to stop and chat with people on the road and they can help with directions.  It is exhilarating, breathtaking, and so much fun. I am thinking about a motor bike for Vietnam, but the only thing is the motor bike with a backpack is not the most ideal situation, but definitely can be done. With my sense of direction, it is best to go with another person.  I found an experienced motor biker on a blog site, but I think he left Vietnam.  A met a few mountain bikers who were biking through Southeast Asia and I guy at the Laos border who said, “A motor bike is the best and only way to go.”  I agree with him as I do not like the tour buses, but they make it difficult to take a local bus and double the time. 
With the discovery of my love for motorbikes, it is definitely a way I want to travel when being abroad.  Perhaps a motor bike for India-now that would be crazy, dangerous fun! Stay tuned for motorbike confessions friends!

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