Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food in Laos

Food in Laos is similar to Thaiand, but not nearly as amazing as Thailand.  They have French baguettes with sandwiches and “pancakes”, which are basically crepes filled with sweets or meats.  The lao style barbeque consists of porks, chickens, fish, buffalo/pig, and more meats.  Many Lao dishes have fried rice pairing fried rice with green, red, or yellow curries.  Traditional Lao dishes are served with sticky rice consisting of pork, beef, chicken, or fish and cooked with mint leaves.  Sticky rice is always one of my favorite especially when served with fruit of pineapple or mango.  Laap is a Lao specialty consisting of minced pork or chicken with cabbage.  Fried basil leaves and fried garlic were my favorites.  Although, they were never  tasted fried, which is probably why I liked them .  Lao noodle soup is another basic speciality, which is especially good when you are not feeling 100 percent.  Tom Yum soup and phat thai are served as a staple in many restaurants as well
American breakfasts are usually offered in many of the restaurants-it is interesting how the portions of the American breakfasts are usually larger than the standard Lao breakfast with fried egg, rice, and fruit... 

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