Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dogs Are on the Attack Again!!!

Back up the hill by foot this time to my hosts house and passing by the Nescafe store sits a couple and two boys outside on the benches.  The road ahead splits two ways and I know which way to go this time=-to the left and then right.  It is too late because as I pass the benches, two dogs approach me and start barking loudly and get close to the bottom of my feet! I run up to a pick up truck in front of me and jump in the back.  The local people are laughing as they think it is funny.  I find that a lot of people laugh at me, which is wonderful, but not when I am having a dog panic attack! They keep barking and the owner is nowhere in site. I start shouting to get the dogs away from me as I am being a brat and do not want to get bitten again.  As I look down from the truck, I see one lassie looking dog and the other one is like a pit bull looking dog.  The pit bull dog is showing his teeth to me as he barks and I hold on tight to the side of the truck with a look of terror. 
There is the expression, ,”Dogs smell fear.”  Well the fear was written all over my face and they knew they had me scared.  The owner finally comes out and I tell her to bring the dogs inside so I can pass.  The dogs are not responding to her so she tries to distract them by throwing a bottle to the end of the road.  She throws it once and I do not think I have enough time to go.  She throws it again and I jump out quickly. The dogs see me and they come running towards me.  I then run up to a porch and climb up the pole to the stand on the ledge. She finally calls them again to go inside and I jump off running down the street to my hosts house.  A close call for Priscilla! Could you imagine if I got bit by a dog twice in one trip? Fewwwwww

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