Monday, November 21, 2011

Building Boats at National Stadium

The craft of using your hands is in full use in Thailand.  In USA, we use machines and electronics for everything and we lose useful trades and become dependent on “the machine.”  It is beautiful being able to naturally create rather than relying on mass production with technology. 

Being very dedicated to Red Cross, I found it hard to leave and try out a new place, but I decided I wanted to check out what they were doing in another destination.  In National stadium, they were packing goods, but they were also building boats.  I must admit this was quite a workout and time consuming.  One of the leaders showed me how to tie the ropes and I then started doing it on my own. I tied a whole boat up practically on my own.  There were younger, school kids here and they seemed more interested in talking than working, but that was okay for me because I enjoyed it.  I met a couple girls named Tu and Tan (how funny right?).  We were talking about Thai girls with American boys and Tan dated an American boy in California who could not commit. I told her that seems to be an International problem ha!  They were such lovely girls-just lovely the Thai people.
I decided to head back to my turf,The Red Cross, and met my friend Mr. C for dinner and loaded, loaded, loaded, lifted, lifted, and lifted.  It felt like juggling at a certain time and the girls were laughing. I met another nice girl who sounded like she was British and she grew up in Northern Thailand, which contributed to the different accent.  Again, such sweet girls that were so thankful for my volunteering and I was thankful just for their being=) ran into Ton there and he caught me while I was super busy lifting.  He stood back and from the corner of my eye I could see him look at me impressed with all my lifting.  I was happy to impress him because he has been like super man to the Tha red cross=) I talked with him and asked if he was going to go back on the trucks and he said he has to make some real money tomorrow.
Ohhhh money , how much does that material thing get in the way of people  doing what they love, traveling, giving, or living.  I know it has been in the way of my traveling, living and being, but not anymore.  Those popular slogans ring in my ear constantly, “I can’t I don’t have the money.” Or “I have to work.”  It can be a curse to our mankind and being what do you think?  Does money prevent you from doing, being, living??? PRIS

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