Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drive from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng

 was not even prepared for the beautifully scenic drive sitting front seat in a mini van.  The whole thing was breath taking. I was trying to ask what mountain it was and how high up we were, but it was difficulty communicating with the driver.  He was quite adorable though-simply happy.  He stopped on the side of the road to get a bunch of bananas.  He was sitting and eating the bananas as he looked out his window to the beauty beneath him.   
I sat with my IPOD playing Coldplay, Dave Matthews, and some good roadside beats.  We just kept going up higher and higher into the hills passing villages and many Kodak moments.  Children laughing and always doing something cute as you pass by them.  We passed by a family party and I wanted to stop and join the fun.

The sun began to set at 5:00pm and I just sat and watched the most beautiful sunset I think I have ever seen.  The sun was setting so deep in the mountains  and it looked just like a post card.  At that moment, I felt so blessed to BE ALIVE.  Chills ran down my spine as I felt his spirit present with me as I spent an intimate moment with nature-the sun, the mountains, the wind and the trees.

As I looked at the many villages of people, living simply happy in hills away from big cities and away from materialism., I thought to myself “ I want to be poor.”  It was an interesting moment for me because I was not sure where that thought came from.  When I thought about it, I realized it came from what I saw in front of me from the beginning of this trip.  People who do not have much, but they are happy as could be.  These people maybe financially poor, but in their spirits, hopes, and life they are wealthy beyond belief.  They do not have the fanciest toys, foods, cars, or electronics, but they are able to live in a real way.  A real way that creates real values of love, unity, strength, and compassion. On the sides of these mountains,    I saw many kids and adults carrying big sacks and bags up the hills.  They have such real labor that they have to complete and I have never heard them complain about it.  Granted I do not speak Laos- my point should be understood.

The only negative part to that drive and to basically any drive in Laos is the ROADS.  The roads in Laos are the worst I have seen. They are constantly curving with huge pot holes and random breaks in the road.  After you drive for a few hours, you feel like you have been beat up from the road especially when sitting in the front or back of a bus/van/car.   I was thinking I would have loved to take a motor bike, but I do not think I could handle the roads.  I give props to the driver for weaving back and forth from side to side and dodging cars to get us there on time.  I wish that simply happy man well in his life. 

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