Saturday, December 31, 2011

What is being alive all about?

Being alive is about feeling with all your five senses and being thankful in moments throughout the day.  When you eat, you appreciate the food.  When you see the sun, you smile and thank your higher power for the day.  When being outdoors, you appreciate nature anywhere.   You hear your favorite song and your heart beats fast and strong.  You feel  your higher powers spirit in moments of realization or insightful moments.  You dance with your soul and feel beats through your body. You kiss with passion and intensity and touch with your hands and your heart.  People in bad, unfair, unfortunate circumstances  remind you that you are lucky to be ALIVE.  These reminders are happening frequently-not taking moments for granted.  IF you are being ungrateful, it is okay, but identify that feeling.  Why are you feeling ungrateful? Is your environment causing a reactive response?  Feeling with all your five senses makes new experiences meaningful, happier, and thankful=) 
“Walking around with your eyes wide open and your senses alive enhances your experience.”  PRIS

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