Friday, December 23, 2011

The 4000 islands Laos

The 4000 islands are located in the Mekong River there are over 4000 islands that have been created from flooding. The islands I visited included Don Dhet, Don Khon, and the largest island(Don Khong).  Don Dhet is a popular destination for young people with beautiful sunsets, kayaking, and tubing. The boat ride over was heaven and it made me thankful for my not making it to Vietnam.  I met such a nice couple from New Mexico how have been traveling for 5 months together.  They sold everything they had and hit the road- a real traveler's mentality and I appreciate people who take risks and think outside the box-beautiful.

Arriving in Don Dhet, I found the perfect bungalow for $2USD per night.  I enjoyed a pumpkin burger and made a new friend, Mr. Humphries.  He is a huge pet pig that they family had and he did not have a name so I named him Mr. Humphries ha! Waking up to the sunrise, the rooster, and locals showering in the river, and kid swimming-fabulous. 

I went for a run to Don Khon island where they have the Ta Sae Waterfall, which is absolutely gorgeous, fresh cane sugar juice and coconut juice,locals working in the villages waiving at me with big smiles, and incredible sunsets. 

Beautiful waterfalls and a Day of Kayaking
I decided to FINALLY to treat myself to a tour rather than doing most things independently or with friends on the road. It was so worth it as I kayaked the day away with my partner, tour guide, Mr. Dhet. 
They call it laid back Laos for a reason as the guys do not really like to work-they just like to chill.  Mr. Dhet sat back while I kept our boat going quickly and of course ahead of everyone else as competitive Priscilla comes out.  Mr. Dhet sat and was smoking cigarettes while I was sweating my little heart away ha!
The tour consisted of a couple from Australia, a few people from Canada, and two lovely girls from Sydney.  The other tour guide and I had such a laugh as he was making fun of me and we had a huge paddle water fight in our kayaks.  We saw dolphins in the Mekong river while eating fresh watermelon and pineapple and trekked to the big waterfall called Khong Phapheng

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