Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do Not Pass Go Without Paying $500

The thing with Laos is that they charge you for everything-I mean everything.  Parking your motor bike, taking the boats, using the bathroom, crossing a bridge, seeing the caves, going on a hiking trail, entry to all temples(while usually they are free).  I understand their thought process as they are in need of money to “stimulate the economy.”  Most of the time, it will just be a kid or random person asking for entry money and it is not official. So you are pretty much giving out money to the locals.

 As you travel, you figure out how to get around these things i.e. parking- park your bike in a different place.  The tourists are always there to support them and pay for everything and the smart travelers are not.   I met a guy who said he never paid for any entrance fees because he carried around his camera and said he was press and it worked. 

Reading one many think, well you really should be paying every single fee.  I did end up paying 90 percent of all their fees and it really added up.  It does not seem like a lot, but all day long it adds up.  After a while it just gets to be a bit much and takes time and enjoyment out of your experience( being asked for money constantly).

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