Friday, December 23, 2011

Chilling with the Locals-one of my favorite things

One of my favorite moments in Laos was hanging out with 6-7 local Lao boys cooking fish, drinking Beer Lao, singing, and night swimming.  Johnny was from Malaysia, but is working as a tour guide in Laos.  We laid down on wood flats in the middle of darkness staring at the stars talking about the beauty of nature and our lives.  He spoke very good English, which was quite refreshing.  The stars in Don Dhet are so bright and beautiful.  In my bungalow I had two hammocks and I stared up looking at the stars wishing that one person specifically could be there with me-oh the longing.

As many tourists were off drinking at a restaurant, I was sitting in the middle of the road cooking fish and learning the Lao language-love it.  All of us sat in a circle sharing beer and eating fresh fish(we caught from the water and grilled).  Everything tasted so good, especially these fresh peanuts and the sauce they created to dip the fish in-simplicity that tastes so good.  I stopped eating though when they decided to start cooking a frog on their little skewers-no frog for me.  The one boy who was cooking kept saying “Ahh yaa,” which means “Oh shit,” but in America it is usually used in karate ha!

After our food and my few glasses of beer (my second time drinking on my whole entire trip), we decided to do some night swimming.  Johnny was getting a little flirtatious so I decided to call it a night as the locals are cool to hang out with, but that is the extent of it-no honey for them ha!

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