Friday, December 23, 2011

Angkor Wat Continued

On my first day of Angkor Wat, I went to the main temples with Yuskay, his daughter, and her mother and brother.  As local Cambodians, they had never been to Angkor Wat.  Most Cambodians do not get to go through school and actually learn very little about it.  Yuskay's daughter was so excited.  We were racing each other off the bridge and I spoke with the brother(I am having difficulty remembering names and have so many names in my notebook to find it!).  He is teaching English, but is in fear of losing his job because many people are getting laid off. He is so lovely as he speaks so highly about my profession and being an American.  He asks about the culture and why so many people are obese.
I was so happy that they could finally experience Angkor Wat as it is such a significant part of their history.  Yuskay's daughter enjoyed the monkeys climbing around the streets and temples and I enjoyed watching them eat some coconuts. 

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