Friday, December 23, 2011

Japanese friends in Siem Riep

In Cambodia, I stayed at Takeo guesthouse, which is a Japanese guesthouse with mainly business men staying there.  It cost $2USD for the dormitory, which I shared with two Japanese guys.  They were very kind, nice guys and staying with them made me feel safe and protected vs. fearful and worried. The guesthouse is run by a Cambodian family, but they have the Japanese guests and cook Japanese food.  I enjoyed eating a nice dinner with the family and the guesthouse is run by Mrs. Mom.  Mrs Mom is very caring and watches over all the guests. She said in the middle of the night, she goes into the room to check on all the guests and makes sure their stuff is all locked up.  She was such a sweet lady and so wonderful with her children and grandchildren. 

At the guesthouse, I met Yuske from Japan, but currently lives and studies in Australia.  He is similar to me in that he loves to travel and move from one place to the next.  We had such great conversations that I cherish and can't begin to write about what two intelligent, curious minds brainstormed and discussed, especially with the government in Cambodia.  We biked through Angkor wat to see an amazing conference and classical concert.  Then we had dinner at my favorite restaurant having Khmer Fish Amok-sooo amazing wow.  The next day we planned to meet up at Angkor Wat as he wanted to introduce me to his daughter.. to be continued...

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