Friday, December 23, 2011

Kantha Bopha Foundation

Biking past a sign that said, “Free Charity Classical Concert,” I had to turn around and go back.  I went back to the guesthouse to pick up Yuskay and off we went to an educational concert to spread awareness and gain donations for the hospitals.  And I was blessed to have met an incredible human being, Dr. Beat Richner- the Director of the 4 Kantha Bopha Hospitals in Cambodia.  Every Thursday and Saturday, he plays the cello while stopping to speak and educate tourists on what is really happening in Cambodia, which is corruption and injustice for children. 
The facts were mind boggling and disturbing for someone like me to hear.  Among expensive hotels and shops, there is a hospital with 1000 children being hospitalized per day. Children diagnosed with Meningitis, tuberculosis, Dungue fever, and in need of blood transfusions. 

Facts from Dr. Beatner
80 percent of drugs used are fake

20 percent of drugs used are toxic

10-15 percent of drug intoxication per day

58 cases of meningitis

65% of Cambodians with Tuberculosis

80 % of mothers are living on half a dollar a day

The hospitals are run based off 90 percent being private donations

All the services in the Kantha Bopha hospitals are free. 95 percent of families in Cambodia are too poor to pay for child health care

 Education and Inspiration from Dr. Beatner:

Is Saving a life a private affair??

A system of Absurdity-yes! Officials coming in spending $400 a night at the Sofitel directly next to Kantha Bopha, but they do not help or give money??

Without justice, there will not be peace

Abuse of the infrastructure

The US government does not want to give donations because patients do not PAY for their insurance or hospital stays?????

The government does not want to help their own children rather watch them suffer and die when resources can be utilized if the government would step in and do something.

Dr. Beat Richner is a true inspiration and his work in Cambodia is incredible.  This man has been working for 30 years directing, designing the hospital, and trying every way he can to get donations.  This is a real organization that truly saves lives.  I say this because I know people are skeptical about where their money is going.  These children really need your help and Dr. Beat Richner is working against a corrupt system and government that does not want to help their children.  Your donation can help save a child’s life. 


Donations can be sent to:



ACCOUNT NR 80003 3 009679

As far as the government, there is a lot of corruption and problems with the infrastructure, which negatively impacts the children and families of Cambodia.  Kids are waiting for blood transfusions and sitting on life support, tourists are sipping on tea and biscuits or taking a swim at the Sofitel.  The real Cambodia is hidden from tourists and awareness needs to start now for the real trouble that this country is in. 

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