Monday, December 26, 2011

Bokor Hill Station

From one motorbike to the next, I hopped off Paul's bike and went on Chai's bike to head to Bokor Hill.  There was a warm breeze outside that was refreshing. I pulled down my hair and let it flow off into the wind. It smelled like fresh coconut, as I used a natural Cambodia shampoo. We get to know each other as we are riding and I just love his free spirit and funny jokes.  

The town of Bokor hill itself was built by colonial French to escape from the heat of Phrom Penh. They had built a Hotel and Casino, a post office, shops, and aparments on top of the hill, but now it is all abandoned.  At the top of the peak is the Rangers station and the abandoned Old Casino.  And the top of the peak is 3540 feet.  

Riding to to the top we sing Lady gaga, I sing Andrea Bocelli and Josh Grobin, and he sings Khmer hits to me.  We just keep laughing and I can not stop laughing as he sings Lady gaga with his cute broken English.  The weather gets colder as we get closer to the top.  He brings an extra jacket for me and we stop mid point to take pictures. The view keeps getting more and more breathtaking as we get to the top.

At the top, the wind is strong and we walk through fields to see the beginning of sunset. What I did not know was that that day was a Lunar eclipse. This is seriously a dream of mine-a sunset and lunar eclipse.  The moon was on one side while the sun sat on the other-it was incredible. The clouds were so close you could almost touch them, the water was clear and the islands were distant yet so near. The colors were oranges that turned into shades of pink and it just kept changing colors.  The best sunset of my lifetime!

We stop to have some local food and discover a Cambodia wedding nearby! We eat some amazing Lok Lok soup and then peak our heads in the side of the tent to watch the wedding.  There are all sorts of dancers and some female singers that are not too impressive.  The dresses are beautiful and the food looks good. I chat with the security guy in front who welcome me in to join.  Chai has to leave to go back to his family so I decide to join the wedding ha! I go in and do some dancing with these cute, older men(People understand when I say cute I do not mean attractive I mean adorable). The girls are watching and laughing at me.  This is what I do-entertain-make people laugh and smile even if I look stupid- producing many smiles is worth it=)

Kids were sitting outside the tent poking their sticks in trying to pick up cans. I was sneaking cans to them on occasion while the security guard was telling them to go away.  When I leave these kids trail behind me and I smile back to at them as it is time to call it a night.  

I am on my way to Blissful guesthouse and stop at a tourism agency to speak with the owner about the bus. We end up sitting for an hour or two listening to music and chatting about Cambodia, his life and business, and the US. He used to work in the rice fields, but started this tourism business with his brother just a couple years ago.  I forgot his name. I am so disappointed with myself with the difficulty remembering names-fish oil, fish oil, and more fish oil for Priscilla! We part ways and he tells me to come back to Kampot for New Years as he is having a big celebration and I politefully decline, but I tell him "Don't worry my friend, I will be back." 

And I will be back as I love Kampot!

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