Friday, December 23, 2011

Making a Difference- You can Do it Too

My friend Yuskay told me had a daughter and my immediate thought was, "Oh, he is married with a daughter." This is not the case.  On his first trip to Cambodia, he was friends with a family where the father tragically passed away.  In Cambodia, the pharmacies did not have regulations on the medications they were selling and people were just given pretty much anything.  One day the father was feeling very ill and went to the pharmacy.  He was given medication and the next day he died. He left behind his wife and daughter who were unable to care for themselves financially.  This is where Yuskay stepped in and said he was going to help this family.  Each month he sends $15 to his daughter, which helps pay for clothing, school supplies, and other costs for the young girl.  And he comes to Cambodia to visit and spend time with her when he gets time. 
This is what makes a real difference in someones life and you can do it too.  $15 US a month is a minimum payment on credit card, what you may spend on coffee/fast food, a new shirt, etc. $15 can go a long way for a child living in Cambodia. I admire Yuskay for actively taking part in a child's life and I wish that more people would engage in such beautiful acts of love and kindness. 

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