Sunday, June 3, 2012

Right Place at the Wrong Time

Back in Istanbul, the city looks more beautiful than I remember.  From one extreme to another, Cairo to Istanbul can not even be compared.  While Istanbul experienced some inflation with the prices, I can definitely see why-it is so precious.  While I walk the streets, I can't help, but wonder about him.  Is he okay? I finally make it to Turkey and he is in the South of Istanbul.  I have waited a year and a half so what is another couple weeks.  If you can't fall in love in Istanbul, where can you fall in love? It really is such a romantic place.   

Walking through the streets to my past time places, the same local man who sells my favorite apricots, the outdoor cafes, the smell of spring in the air, the park, and the amazing food.  It feels good to be back.  I meet with a couple old friends and we go eat at the same place that I love for dinner.
Even though, it is almost June it is raining and a bit cold in Istanbul.  I guess I expected hot, summer weather, but not just yet.  Summer in Istanbul starts in July and goes until September. 

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