Monday, June 4, 2012

From Broken Seats to Tea and Crumpets

Going from Istanbul to Bursa to teach English, I booked the Metro Bus.  It is a luxurious Mercedes bus with the staff dressed nicely with dress pants and white shirts with suit ties, the seats fully recline, and each seat has a flat screen mini-television.  The seats literally feel like absolute heaven.  They offer you tea and cakes and orange juice.  Going from the loud, obnoxious buses of Egypt and Nepal was again one extreme to the next, which makes me appreciate the glamour and comfort of Turkey.  The old, hunched over, little lady on the bus shared her sesame roll with me and  she was adorable with her kind smiles.  We went on an unexpected ferry from Istanbul to Bursa, which was lovely with the seagulls flying over the boat and the crisp, cool wind blowing in my face.  Ahhh Turkey you are so precious so happy to be back and so thankful for these glamorous bus rides!

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