Saturday, June 23, 2012

25 Signs that You’re a True Citizen of the World

You may think you’re a seasoned, worldly traveler but are you really? Check out these 25 signs that you’re a true citizen of the world!
I’d love to define myself as a citizen of the world but, frankly, I’m a long way off.
Some people, on the other hand, roam around the planet identifying not with any one nation but with the world itself.
Are you one of these people? Test yourself on these 25 signs that you’re a true citizen of the world!
1. You know about global disasters within minutes
2. Your National Geographic collection is taking on a life of its own
3. You never enter a country without at least 5 phrases in the native tongue
4. You have a good friend on every continent
5. You’ve eaten the same animal you once had as a pet
6. You rarely stay in any one country for more than 3 months straight
7. You don’t use guide books but just figure it out when you get there
8. You make friends in the street
9. You make friends in the sea
10. You make friends on top of mountains
11. You’ve worked for at least one international NGO
12. You’ve taught English to kids somewhere in the world at some point
13. When you see tourists from your native country abroad, you hide
14. You’ve been bitten/stung by at least one scary insect/animal
15. You’ve feared for your life on several occasions
16. You’ve never been to the Hamptons
17. Your lucky sandals have holes in the soles
18. You’ve been invited for dinner in families’ homes all over the world
19. You sleep best under the stars
20. You know that couch surfing has nothing to do with waves
21. Your iPod has songs on it from every UN member state
22. Your favorite author is not from your native country
23. You take photos… and print them
24. When people talk about celebrities you feel dazed and confused
25. You sometimes forget where you came from.

I checked off 20 out of 25 so looks like Pris is an official world citizen...well according to this article=)
What about you? Are you a world citizen or a glorified home lover? 

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