Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Loves Lost

Leaving Bursa was very tough because I had to leave two girls I loved very much- Angie and Sana.  These two girls were both English teachers that I became very close with overtime.  Sana was my roommate and we sat up talking all night about boys, our life, religion, and family-real, honest, insightful conversations that I appreciated so much.  We would come home and have our tea time. She enjoys her English Breakfast tea I enjoy my herbal tea=)

Angie was my "team teacher." We both taught the same students so we created our curriculum together.  We worked hard making creative activities, utilizing all her teaching supplies(she came super prepared),and we were so enthusiastic about our students learning and improvement. 
Traveling around, I have been lacking that quality girl time gossiping and just being girls.  It was so refreshing and totally unexpected to connect so well with two people at the same time.  I just adore them and am thankful to have them in my life=)

                               Love you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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