Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She Left Him at the Bus Stop..

After Bursa, I was planning on heading to Istanbul to work with a family teaching English for 2 weeks and then I would head to Adapazari(2 hours) away from Istanbul to teach English with another company(the big company I originally planned on coming to Turkey to work for).
Heading back to Istanbul, I had planned to meet him. I had the whole Bollywood moment planned out in my head all week. I told the girls and they were very excited for me. I planned out my outfit and had my running and diet all on track. I was looking forward to it until that day...

The day I left was the last day of school and things were a bit rushed.  I had just made the bus leaving at 5:30, which was scheduled to arrive in Istanbul at 9:30pm when he would pick me up. The metro bus(the worst bus in Turkey) arrived four hours later and I had switched buses three different times in Istanbul. 

If I told an average, normal Turkish guy that I had been on three buses and I was confused on where I was going next, the average Turkish guy would tell me "Stay where you are, I am coming."

Mr. Bigg tells me to just take the bus after it was already 11:45 and the bus would take another hour or so to get there.  Keep in mind I have not seen him in almost two years..Does anyone see a problem with this? I do.

Instead of being excited to see him, I was feeling disappointed and annoyed with the whole bus situation.  He was waiting at the final station and after being walked around the station to the wrong bus and then back- I just called him and told him to not wait for me and said, "Go home."
I said it pretty rudely too, which did not make anything better. Being a stubborn man/boy, he hung up the phone on me. 

These guys from the metro bus company offered to give me a ride to the bus station, but I had decided to just go to my friends house that was nearby.  Driving in the car with these annoying guys asking dumb questions, it hit me like a ton of bricks "What did I just do?"

"Wait, wait turn around go to Alibeykoy." Pris

"Um we are on our way to Ayazaya and it is too late to turn around."

"Turn around." Pris

"We can drop you off near the metro and you can take a bus."

"Stop driving in the wrong direction, turn around." Pris

"We can not turn around on this highway."

"Okay just drop me off near the bus over there." Pris

"But we are in the middle of the highway."

"Just stop the car." Pris

Priscilla gets out of the car at 1am and goes off with her backpack into the street.  She meets a nice couple who helps her get a dolmush to Alibeykoy.  It looks like Priscilla is his last and only customer. Being extra nice, she makes friends and he says he will take her to Taxsim-Beyoglu. 

I sit in Taxsim texting him from a strangers phone and get no response.  It is raining, my cute outfit is getting all dirty, and I am sitting in the middle of Taxsim looking hopeless.  These nice boys sit with me as they feel bad and do not want to leave me.  I end up staying with a stranger-yes a stranger who happened to be a very nice guy-I call him my Mr. Mercedes who came to my rescue.  He picked me up at the bus stop where I just sat waiting for a bus that never came. 

I stayed with him in his home and he was a perfect gentlemen and he is now a good friend of mine.
Hitchiking turned into friendship=)

As for Mr. Bigg, he did not ever respond and he did not respond to anything I wrote for one whole month-stubborn, stubborn man- Arab-like yes.

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