Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here are some sites I visited in Bursa:

Pictures from Wikipedia.

Bursa is quite charming with lots of beautiful mountains, view points, cafes, restaurants, and historical buildings.  My girlfriend and two new friends of ours drove to Mudanya, which was quite scenic driving along the coast.  We past many olive trees, enjoyed chai, fish, and munching on sunflower seeds.  Priscilla tried to learn how to open a sunflower seed with her tooth,but kept failing again and again ha. 

While I did not run around the all the museums and all historical sights, I just kept things simple in Bursa. I visited the mosques, tombs, castle, and some great historical areas turned into shops and art galleries. I met the most lovely artist in town and we talked and talked via google translate. 
I only went out at night a few times to cafes, while my girls and other teachers were going out every night. Bursa-great little city would not mind revisiting it one day=)

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