Saturday, December 13, 2014

What are you Hungry For?

Do you ever find yourself feeling hungry for something, but you don’t know what.  Sometimes you are left starving for something to satisfy a craving.  I feel so hungry sometimes, but I have to sit with myself and ask what I am really hungry for? Am I physically hungry or am I just satisfying another feeling? One may not be identifying what we are clearly feeling and using food to fill the void or gap, which I do frequently.  Being able to identify a feeling can bring us closer to what we are truly craving. 
If I am experiencing sadness, it may be spirituality I am craving for or support of others to help me cope with this feeling.  If I am experiencing impatience or annoyance, I need to usually just let myself sit with those feelings and identify what triggered these feelings.  Sometimes our bellys are full with food, but we are craving something more.  Most of the time I am truly craving love, affection, and spirituality.    Spirtuality,physical hunger,time, a mental break, love, shelter, a specific need or want, or attention. One needs to be able to filter through what they are actually craving.   What are you hungry for and how do you filter through what you are truly craving for?

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