Saturday, December 13, 2014

Aren't you Afraid?

Many people ask, “Aren’t you afraid traveling by yourself in India?” When you know people, you know people.  I am able to know when to keep quiet, when to speak up, when to act nice, innocent, naïve, when to be assertive,and best of all I am aware and listen to people’s main wants, desires and needs
This statement does not mean that I do ALL these things at ALL the right times- I am just an imperfect human being who is always learning.  

Besides all the psychology of the matter, Indians are really harmless.  Most of them would not hurt a fly.  If you go into big cities, big cities bring violence and crime so it is natural for there to be bad people. On a whole, Indians are not violent people and they do not want to be or know how to be.  Most are very passive and are not assertive or aggressive people.  They will just let you address your concerns and sit in silence or try to verbalize their feelings.  It is a sad thing to see people not voicing their opinion, especially with women not speaking up for themselves.  Women can be very strong figures in the household, but still do not fully advocate for their own voice and rights. 


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